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08th February 2015
Date of Mahashivratri 15th February 2015

Narmadeshwar Shivlinga is a manifestation of Lord Shiva and it helps the deity in connecting with the supreme Lord Shiva. It is considered very auspicious as they are made naturally in the river bed. It is believed that where there is Narmadeshwar Shivling Lord Shiva Himself resides there. One can get rid of all ailments by performing daily pooja of Narmadeshwar Shivlings to achieve success in life. It is important to have energized Narmadeshwar Shiv Linga in your house or place of business. Some people try to save money and install it without energization which does not result in expected gains. You can visit our website link to know more about “Divine Narmadeshwar Shivlinga”                                                                    

MahaShivaratri is great festival of convergence of Shiva and Shakti. According to many Vedic scriptures including Shiva Purana, ritual worship of Lord Shiva on Shivratri festival that falls on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalgun pleases Lord Shiva the most. This fact is said to have been declared by Lord Shiva himself, when His consort Parvati asked Him as to which ritual performed by His devotees pleases Him the most. Energized Narmadeshwar Shivlinga gave an opportunity to you to worship Lord Shiva at your home. You can offer bel patra, normal water, Ganga water, milk etc especially on this day. That is why we have decided to urge all people associated with us who do not have Shivlinga at their house to install Shivlinga on Mahashivratri which is falling on 17th February 2015. 

There are many benefits of installing an energized Shiv Linga in your house, some of which are discussed here for the benefit of all people associated with us.
  1. Numerous Scriptures acknowledge the superior merits of the Bana Lingams and extol the unsurpassed virtues of them, in bestowing many great benefits. The “Yajnavalkya Samhita” states that the benefits that can be obtained by worshipping a crore of other Shivalingas are obtained by worshipping just one Bana Linga. It is said that merely thinking about their Bana Linga early in the morning itself is likely to bestow success in all their enterprises of the day.
  2. It is also said that the Narmadeshwar Shivlinga secure worldly welfare as well as emancipation from worldly involvement. It is the considered view of many that the Narmada Shiva/Bana Lingams wash off sins and curses.
  3. The Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga works with the breath and the fluids of the body creating a harmony in the body’s flow. The Narmada Bana Linga helps one to unite the lower self (conscious) with the higher self (unconscious) so that we may know our own divinity as we seek to know God. It brings believers into the mystical union with God.
  4. It heals and helps opening the chakras to resolve issues. It helps in activating the kundalini energy and the seven chakras. It awakens the energy centers and brings feelings of peace and wellbeing. It enhances personal or group meditations for clearer flow of energies.
  5. It balances and brings harmony to its surrounding environment, after cleansing the prevailing negative energies.
  6. Narmadeshwar Shivlinga has mysterious power in it that induces concentration of the mind and help in focussing one's attention. That is why the ancient sages and seers of India suggested for worship of Shiv linga so that a devotee can connect with Lord Shiva.
  7. Narmadeshwar Shivlinga also helps in maintaining the cordial relations between husband and wife. Couples who keep Narmadeshwar Shivling in their home are blessed with Lord Shiva’s blessings. I think and strongly believe that Narmadeshwar Shivling is a must in every home.
  8. Whatever is offered to Narmadeshwar Shivlinga with devotion can be taken as prasad by the devotee.
  9. Narmadeshwar shivlinga also helps in getting the blessings of Lord Saturn and the devotee gets peace and prosperity.
  10. Regular Abhishek of Narmadeshwar Shiv Linga bestows mental peace, give wealth, opportunities of success, advancement in profession and finding out appropriate match for marriage. 
How to do pooja with Narmadeshwar Shiv linga

On this festival of Mahashivaratri, may you follow the Shiva Purana and incorporate the following six items while worshipping Lord Shiva:

1. Bathe the Narmadeshwar Shiv Linga with water, milk and honey, and Wood apple or bel leaves added to it, representing purification of the soul;
2. The vermilion paste applied on the Shiv Linga after bathing it, represents virtue;
3. Offering of fruits, which is conducive to longevity and gratification of desires;
4. Burning incense, yielding wealth;
5. The lighting of the lamp which is conducive to the attainment of knowledge;
6. And betel leaves marking satisfaction with worldly pleasures.


Please note that it takes time to energize Shiv Linga so please place order in advance as soon as possible so that Shiv linga may be delivered to you before Mahashivratri.

You can contact Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) for getting genuine and Abhimantrit Narmadeshwar Shivlinga. Link of our website is given below:

"Om Namah Shivay"
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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