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DATE 27th July 2017

Nag Panchami is celebrated on Panchami of Shukla Paksh in Sharavan Masa.Nag Panchami should be celebrated with full devotion and Lord Shiva should be offered abhishek with milk mixed water or clear water. For those lucky people who have Narmadeshwar Shiv linga at their house, it is an opportunity to offer milk or kheer to Shivlinga along with bel patra.

It would remove the ill effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha and Rahu dosha in the horoscope.
Nag panchami and Kal Sarpa dosha are associated with each other. According to Hindu Astrology – Nag Panchami day is very auspicious to do pooja for serpents (Nag) and to remove Kaal Sarpa dosha in kundali. (Kaal Sarpa dosha happens when all planets come in the axis of Rahu and Ketu). This dosha casts adverse results in one's life, incurs pain and put hindrances in all the works of the native.
On this day, Devotees visit temples which are dedicated to snakes to worship them. The temples of Lord Shiva are much preferred as he had a liking for snakes. In South India, snake images are carved out of cow dung and pasted near doors to welcome the snake god. Some of the devotees visit the holes of the anthills since they feel snakes are found in them.
On the day of Nag Panchami, having a vision of snake is considered auspicious. Snakes are considered as the incarnation of power and sun. It is said that, the one who worship God snake on Panchami of Shravan maas will be free from Naag Dosh. On Naag Panchami, fast is kept in order to make Snake God happy. In this fast, after the sunset and whole day fasting, Kheer is prepared as an offering for snake God while worshiping it. First of all the Kheer is offered to God snake or to Lord Shiva, and then eaten as Prashad (offering from God), by everyone. In this fast, intake of salt and fried things is prohibited. The person keeping the fast should follow all the rules.
On the day of Naag Panchami, people keeping fast, make a sculpture of snake with cow dung, having five heads, on both side of house’s threshold. Red soil can also be used if, in case cow dung is not available. After this, Snake God is worshiped with milk, grass, Kusha, sandalwood, Akshat(rice used in worshiping),flower, sweet(Ladoo) and Naag source or following Naag mantras are chanted
" ऊँ कुरुकुल्ये हुँ फट स्वाहा"
Chanting this mantra on rosary, three times, pleases the snake God. The fragrance of sandalwood is especially dear to Serpent God. Hence, sandalwood should be used while worshiping. White lotus is used in today’s prayer. Chanting of the above mentioned mantras, reduces the inauspicious effect of Kaalsarpa Yoga that is, the pacification of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.
What Not to Do on Nag Panchami(Very Important)
On the day of Naag Panchami, Snake God should not be fed with milk. Worshipers, if desire can make the Shiva Linga have a milk bath. Knowing that, drinking of milk can kill a snake, in such a situation feeding them with milk is like killing your God with your hands. Hence, avoid this mistake because snakes don’t drink milk, and if they do and are unable to digest it, they die. So basically instead of praying to the snakes or actually revering them, we might in fact be killing them by providing them milk. Some people may ask why the snake would drink milk if Milk is a mammal drink and not required or usually drank by snakes (it isn’t for reptiles) and if it kills them. The answer is that Snake-charmers usually don’t give their snakes water and food for a while before Nag Panchami. So, on that particular day, when the snakes find access to milk they drink it to soothe their parched throats and to satisfy their hunger. Essentially, they have no choice but to drink the milk for it is almost a matter of survival. And then, if they digest it, well and good… let’s hope they don’t drink it again, but if they don’t.. you have just caused another being of this earth his/her brutal death. So, please next time anyone feels like revering snakes or wants to adhere to the true spirit of Nag Panchami, leave some water out please. It will probably serve the snake better.
Yantra to be establshed on Nag Panchami
Our Centre is offering a special yantra which will be energized on Nag Panchami and will be sent to lucky devotees. This yantra is powerful enough to provide relief to you from Kaal Sarpa and Rahu Dosha in your horoscope. You can book your yantra by sending your particulars and gotra to our email id The cost of the yantra is Rs. 2100 and Rs. 300 will be for courier charges within India.
Happy Nag Panchami
“Om Namah Shivay”
“Hari Om Tat Sat”
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Thursday, 13 July 2017


Last night I was reading a beautiful quote by William Jennings Bryan that says “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” This gave me an idea to share some remedies which can be useful in presenting opportunities before you to shape your destiny. Remember, Destiny and Fate are the two words which are used interchangeably but they have different meanings. The word “Fate” is used in a negative sense that shows that it is an agent that predetermines and orders the course of events. It means that events are "meant to be" and are set in motion by an external force or intelligence. Destiny on the other hand is used positively to show that we have free will and if we are able to willfully participate through our efforts and hard work, we will achieve our specific goal. Destiny gives us an opportunity to turn a situation to our advantage and accomplish something great through our own efforts. Destiny is only an outline. It is not an exact script. It does not detract from our free-will in any way, because we decide exactly how we want to act in any situation. This post will be read by thousands of people but only a handful among them would do these remedies putting their best efforts and these are the persons who will get benefit of their hard efforts that are going to shape their destiny.
I am sharing two simple remedies that should be done to achieve your desired goals and to get favor of destiny in achieving such goals. Remember both the remedies have to be done in the same manner as suggested with full faith and devotion.
1.      The first remedy has to be started from first Saturday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon) of any month. This remedy has to be done at the time of sunset. Take a papad (Papadum) of urad daal (Split Black gram) and put some mustard oil (sarson ka tel) on it. Put some curd on it and sprinkle red sindhoor on it. Take it to a peepal tree and keep it there. Pray for your favorable destiny and come back. Do not look back while coming to your house. If any person obstructs you in this process, this remedy would not work and it has to be started again. This remedy has to be done for 11 Saturdays continuously.  

2.      The second remedy can be done in any month preferably in the month of Saavan. Currently Savan Month is continuing. In this remedy, you have to Abhishek Energized Narmadeshwar Shivlinga with honey regularly. You can get Energized Narmadeshwar Shivlinga from our centre along with which we give a secret mantra that should be chanted while doing Abhishek. If you cannot do this also, you can go to a nearby Shiva temple and offer honey on the Shivlinga regularly. In addition offer five bel patra in a combination of three bel patra leaves each whenever possible in the month of savan to Narmadeshwar Shiv Linga.
You can visit the following page to know more about Divine and Energized Narmadeshwar Shivlinga

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Om Namah Shivay

Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


The tulsi plant or Indian basil occupies an important place in the Hindu religion. The name ‘tulsi’ connotes “the incomparable one”. Tulsi is a venerated plant and Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. The plant grows in the wild in the tropics and other warm regions. Dark or Shyama tulsi and light or Rama Tulsi are the two main varieties, with the former possessing greater medicinal value. Tulsi symbolizes purity. The stems, leaves, seeds and even the soil are considered as holy. Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is considered as a tonic to retain youth and avoid aging. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Phyto nutrients and the essential oils in Tulsi, are excellent anti oxidants and protects the body from nearly all the damages caused by the free radicals.

Tulsi leaves have thousands of benefits. I would discuss some more remedies using Tulsi leaves in my future posts. In this post, I am discussing an Amazing benefit of Shyama Tulsi in dealing with any kind of fever. Monsoon season has started and with it has increased the risk of having viral fever, dengue or other type of fever. You can use Tulsi leaves for dealing with any kind of fever in two ways.
Firstly you can extract juice of 10-15 tulsi leaves and keep it on gas for two three minutes so that it heats up. Mix little honey or jaggery in it. Drink one teaspoon three to four times in a day to get relief from fever.
Secondly you also have the option to make a kada of Tulsi leaves. It is simple to make this kada. Take 10-15 tulsi leaves and boil them in half cup of water. Continue to boil till it remains half the original quantity. Now mix little milk and jaggery in it.  Drink this kada like you drink tea three to four times in a day.  
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"Jai Shree Krishna"
Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra
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Saturday, 8 July 2017


Astrological Significance of Cow in Lal Kitab and how you can get health, wealth and prosperity through serving cows

In the previous articles I have discussed how desi cow breed is different from foreign breed and religious importance of cow in Hinduism. Now in this article I am discussing the astrological significance of cows as per Lal Kitab and would share some of the ways through which you can improve your planets through serving cows.

Lal Kitab equates cow with Planet Venus that is a planet of sex, love and beauty. It is a poet, dancer, singer, spouse, actor or media persons. It represents luxury, vehicles, kidney, diamond, south-east direction and white colour. Venus is responsible for your youth and beauty. You must have noticed that there are some people who have good youth, agility and beauty. This is attributed to planet Venus. If you want to look good, youthful and beautiful, you must serve cows and its impact will be that your planet Venus will give you favorable results. When you serve cows, your planet Venus becomes benefic. If it is benefic in your chart, then it will give more positive results while if it is malefic in your chart, by serving cows you will be able to avoid its malefic effects. In addition, you can improve your other planet’s results also through serving cows. For example, based on your chart analysis, it could be advised to you to serve black cows that will help you in improving your planet Saturn apart from Venus. This has to be seen from the particular combinations in your horoscope. In this article, I am discussing with you some of the ways in which you can improve your planetary combinations especially planet Venus in your horoscope:
1. First of all make it a habit to cook first chapatti every time you prepare your food for cow. You can keep aside these chapattis and feed it to cows whenever you find the opportunity. It is the best remedy to improve results of planet Venus in your horoscope. You can do this remedy for as long duration as possible.
2. Secondly whenever you are going for an important work and you are able to see a cow, it will increase the chances of your wish fulfillment. So if you are going for an important interview or important assignment or contract, then you can take a bread/chapatti/green vegetable with you and after feeding a cow, go to your destined place. Your chances of success would definitely increase.
3. Thirdly, people whose Mercury is weak should make it a practice to serve cows. They can feed cows with green grass or green vegetable on Wednesday. It will improve their planet Mercury. Students who feel that they have weak memory power or they want to excel in examinations, they should do this remedy to improve their chances of success in their studies,
4. Fourthly, whenever you come near to a cow, she tends to absorb your negative energy. Look deeply into her eyes and you will find relaxed, calm and cool. People who are suffering from depression should look into the eyes of a cow and preferably desi cow and should gently keep their hand on her back. All the tensions, disorders and depression would be reduced.
5. Make it a practice to lit a Deepak (lamp) of desi cow ghee in your temple or business place. It will remove negativity and would ensure positive aura in the house.
6. Females who are not able to conceive or are facing constant abortions and miscarriages should install a picture of Lord Krishna playing flute with cow in the picture apart from regularly serving cows. This will help them in having normal delivery. In the later posts, I would also share some Ayurvedic remedies also to deal with such problems.
7. There are many people who are troubled with frequent problems that may be due to Vaastu dosha in their house. First of all you should install an energized Turkish evil eye in your house and secondly you should give a dhuni of cow dung on every Sunday in the morning. Take this dhuni from one side (end) of your house and go right to the entrance of the house. Mix some googal, desi cow ghee and camphor on cow dung and then move it in your house.
8. If you are facing problems relating to planet Saturn, then you should serve a black cow.
9. There are many people who are unable to find a cow near their house. There are many people who are associated with us and living in foreign countries where it is not possible to do these remedies. In such cases, they can donate an amount according to their paying capacity to a goshala (place which takes care of cows). While donating any amount it would be better if you can ensure that the amount which you are paying should be actually used for welfare of cows. If this is not possible, do not hesitate in donating an amount to a goshala as you are paying your contribution with good faith and intention and it is for the others to suffer the blame for misusing your money. Whenever you find an opportunity to do good work without any expectation in return, do it instantly as Lord Buddha rightly says, “Do not delay in doing good work but if you are going to do an evil, wait for some time and it is possible that you may not commit evil act”.
In the next post, I will discuss Panchgavya and some Ayurvedic remedies that can be done with panchgavya.
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You can also be a part of the revolution where through our joint efforts we will be able to protect cows for the future of our coming generations.
"Jai Shree Krishna"
Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra
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09th July 2017

Guru Purnima, also known as Vyasa Purnima is celebrated during the Hindu month of Ashadha (June-July) on the full moon day i.e. Purnima. The day is commemorated as birth anniversary of Ved Vyasa, author, and character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Guru Purnima is usually reserved to pay respect to spiritual and academic gurus or teachers. On this day, disciples pay respect to their Guru, a spiritual guide who enlightens disciples by his teachings. While at academic institutions, students celebrate the day by thanking their teachers.

Significance of Guru Purnima

The word ‘Guru’ is elaborated as ‘Gu’ means ‘darkness’ and ‘Ru’ means ‘remover’ hence ‘Guru’ means ‘dispeller of darkness’. Guru is the one who removes the darkness of ignorance and leads the disciple towards the path of enlightenment. The day is widely celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists in India and Nepal. In Nepal, the day is marked as ‘Teacher’s Day’.

Legends associated with it
The day is celebrated by Hindu monks as a respect to Guru Vyasa, creator of four Vedas. It is the day when Lord Shiva became the first guru when he began transmitting yoga to his disciples, Saptarishis – seven sages. The day is celebrated as a symbol of guru-shishya tradition. Students of Indian classical music and dance celebrate the day with much fervor.
Guru Purnima is also celebrated by Buddhists in honor of Lord Gautama Buddha as it is the day when Buddha gave his first oration to five monks at Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh. After enlightenment, Buddha traveled from Bodhgaya to Sarnath. The followers of Buddha observe Uposatha, for a cleansing of the defiled mind resulting in inner calm and joy. Guru Purnima is observed on the full moon day of Hindu month of Ashad. People worship their teachers (guru) on this day. Some people, who can't worship their teachers, can worship Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman or any other deity.
Our ancestors have set some norms for us that shows respect to the teacher.
- Never sit on the seat on which your teacher sits on. Never keep your feet up in front of your guru.
- Never use abusive terms in front of your guru.
What kind of gift you can give to your teacher on this day based on your Sun Sign:
I would advise you to give some gift as per your wish and purchasing power to your teacher on this day. Gift does not matter. What matters is your sincerity and devotion. It is a chance of giving thanks to your teacher or guru. If you are able to surrender yourself at the feet of your guru, it will serve the purpose. Inspite of that I am giving you some of the hints about what gift you can give to your teacher based on your Sun sign, i.e. place where Sun is situated in your horoscope:
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn: Give white clothes, rice, white sweets.
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius: Give red clothes, wheat, red fruits.
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces: Give yellow clothes, gram, yellow fruits

Mantra for Guru Purnima:
For this day, I am giving you a special mantra of Jupiter who is known as Guru also and who is the guru of Devatas. He is the divine grace, which can fulfill all of our needs without our seeking. He gives religious merit and spiritual beneficence. The other most important aspect of Jupiter is that he gives us true knowledge and wisdom as opposed to information based intelligence, which is the function of Mercury. Recite this mantra on a rudraksha mala at least 108 times.
"Om graam greem graum sah brihasptaye namah"
You were a light for me in the dark, You were an inspiration and an aspiration.
Support me always, I will succeed in all ways. 
Happy Guru Purnima!’

Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra
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