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Ekadashi – a unique opportunity to get blessings of Lord Vishnu

Introduction of Ekadashi tithi

Ekadashi is a wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service and come closer to Lord Vishnu. Many of my clients and students were requesting me to share my thoughts on Ekadashi for a very long time and this tithi is so unique and has so many benefits that I was not able to describe its significance in a short post. A few months ago while reading Padma Purana, I came across a quote by Rishi Vyasa addressing to Jaimini Rishi where he told him that results of following Ekadashi can only be perfectly described by the Supreme Lord that is Lord Narayana because He is only capable of describing its benefits in full.  This reminded me that as humans we have many limitations due to which it is not possible to describe physical, religious, spiritual and moral significance of this unique tithi. Still I have tried to share my views on this unique tithi in brief so that more and more people can understand its significance and they are motivated to keep at least a partial fast to get the blessings of Lord Hari.
Ekadashi is a Sanskrit word, which means Eleventh. It refers to the eleventh day of a fortnight in a lunar month. There are two fortnights in a lunar month, the bright and the dark or commonly known as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. So, Ekadashi occurs twice in a month, in the bright fortnight and the dark fortnight. There are 24 Ekadashis in a year. It is an important fasting day dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Legend behind the origin of Ekadashi

Ekadashi is a tithi which is dear to Lord Vishnu and it is an opportunity to get His blessings. The story of Ekadashi traces its origin in Satya-Yuga where a demon called Mura lived and he terrified all devatas and on their request, Lord Vishnu decided to fight with him. The Lord wrested with Mura for one thousand celestial years and then, apparently fatigued, left for Badarika Ashram. There He entered a very beautiful cave, named Himavati, to rest. The demon followed Him into the cave, and, seeing Him asleep, started thinking within his heart: "Today I will kill this slayer of all demons". While the wicked demon Mura was making plans in this way, from Lord Vishnu body there manifested a young girl who had a very bright complexion. Mura saw that she was equipped with various brilliant weapons and that effulgent goddess shattered all of Mura weapons and in a moment deprived him of his chariot. He ran toward her to attack her with his bare hands, but when she saw him coming she angrily cut off his head. Then the Supreme Lord woke up and saw the dead demon before Him, as well as the maiden bowing down to Him with joined palms. The Lord, being pleased with the girl, offered to give her a boon. The girl requested Lord Vishnu to give her the power to free a person from his or her sins who fasts on this day, i.e. Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu said that because you, my transcendental potency, have appeared on the eleventh day let your name be “Ekadashi”. If a person fasts on Ekadashi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him my transcendental abode, i.e. Vishnu Lok.

Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat as quoted in Vedic Scriptures

Ekadashi Vrat has many benefits. In this context, I would like to quote a translation of Ekadashi shloka which means, “There is no mantra superior to the Gayatri mantra. There is no God superior to the mother, there is no water purifying or superior than River Ganges and there is no vrat or austerity or fast, holy or superior than the Ekadashi”.  In my view when Lord Vishnu blesses you with His divine grace, you get a chance to keep Ekadashi vrat.
Some of the benefits of Ekadashi Vrat include:
  1. Ekadashi fasting is greater in merit than staying and visiting places of pilgrimage, performing fire sacrifices or ashwamedha sacrifice.
  2. This day was created as a supreme medicine to remove the miseries of material existence of body and mind. One will not suffer from mental problems.
  3. Single Ekadashi fast earns the same merit as the one who feeds 1000 mendicants every day for 60,000 years.
  4. It prevents and cures illnesses and diseases as it helps in the detoxification of the body and cleansing of bowel system.
  5. It gives ten times merit in comparison to a person giving away in charity 1000 cows to a learned brahmin.
  6. According to Brahma- Vaivarta Purana, it is believed that Lord Vishnu removes the sins of those who observe this fast. The obstacles to spiritual progress are removed and perfection in life is achieved.
  7. Sage Vasista in Narada Purana says, “Neither Ganga, Kasi, Kurukshetra, Yamuna, Reva, Vedika, Gaya, Pushkara and Chandrabhaga, none of them are equal to the day of Lord Hari, Ekadashi. Even if one fasts on Ekadashi, all his sins are burnt at once and he attains the spiritual world.”
  8. Ekadashi fasting is believed to liberate one from the cycle of births and deaths.
  9. It attracts the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  10. Those who fast on this day gets the blessings of religious bent of mind, wealth and ultimate salvation.
  11. Fasting helps to improve the working of digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary system. It makes the person strong mentally and physically.
Ekadashi Vrat and its benefits on physical, material, mental and spiritual level

In the above discussion I have dealt with some of the benefits of keeping Ekadashi fast and worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is not only a matter of spiritual or religious importance to observe Ekadashi but this fast has the backing of science also. I would deal with advantages of keeping Ekadashi vrat on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Ekadashi Vrat and its benefits on Physical level: The first advantage of keeping Ekadashi fast on a physical level is that we give our digestive system a day of rest to recover and perform its functions in a better manner. Not only that the undigested food material gets proper opportunity for its further digestion, but also by fasting the digestion power increases, better assimilation of food takes place helping in more production of blood and other necessary chemicals, and thereby helping better health and better nutritional effects. It is both a good measure for avoiding the future stomach problems and a cure for a number of ailments. It helps in better functioning of the liver, pancreas, intestines and kidney thereby reducing the chance of any ailment relating to these organs.

Ekadashi Vrat and its benefits on material level: Ekadashi Vrat also gives benefits on material level by increasing your wealth, business and savings also. Although I would not advise you to keep this fast for material level but still whether you keep this fast for material things or not, you would definitely see an increase in your wealth, savings, business through regularly keeping this vrat and worshipping Lord Vishnu. The reason for this is that when you worship Lord Vishnu on this day, Bhagwan gives His blessings to you and Maa Lakshmi who is the divine consort of Lord Vishnu stays only at a place where Lord Vishnu resides. If Lord Vishnu is with you, then you will see blessings of Maa lakshmi will also be on you. So on Ekadashi day worship Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi and you will see an increase in your finances also. 

Ekadashi Vrat and its benefits on a mental level: All of us know that a human being is built of 80 per cent liquid and 20 per cent solid. The water content in our body is approximately 80 per cent. Scientists have discovered that there is high tide on new moon and full moon days and low tide on the seventh day of the lunar cycle. This is lunar attraction on the liquid of the earth. The earth and the moon attract each other but on certain days the attraction is more because of their nearness. It is this attraction that causes tides in the ocean and it is certain that there will be biological high tide and low tide too, governed by the moon. The gravitational force of the moon exerts its influence on the water in the human body as it does in the case of the oceans of the planet. There are many researches that vouch to the fact that there are tidal days when the moon comes close to the earth and people having weak mind or weak body suffer more. In many studies, it has been found that symptoms of depression, restlessness, insomnia and rapid heartbeat increase during extreme tidal days. Ekadashi fast has varied effects on the body and the mind to counter negative effects. The first and foremost impact is keeping the balance of hormones and other secretions in relation to the glands and cells. As there will be no food and less water in the stomach on these fasting days, the linear attraction will not affect the intestine, kidney and liver.  Further, the tendency of the functioning of most of the forces of the body will be centripetal, i.e. towards the inner side of the body.  So, the internal gravitational pull will be more powerful to balance the external pull of the lunar gravitational force.  This will help in controlled functioning of all the organs, chemical changes, growth of cells and other biological transmutations. If functioning be normal and balanced, there will hardly be health problem and the longevity will get enhanced many folds. Ekadashi day falls in between seventh and fifteenth day of lunar cycle and fast on this day helps in balancing the effect of lunar attraction. People who have a weak moon may be able to get relief by such systematic fasts and many abnormalities of mind are also reduced. Even hypertension can be controlled efficiently with the help of Ekadashi fast. 

Ekadashi Vrat and its benefits on a spiritual level: On a spiritual level, on Ekadashi day you will be indulged in worship of Narayana. Lord Krishna who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu says in Bhagvad Gita, “People who remember me, worship me, have trust in me, I always protect them”. When you worship and remember Lord Hari, then He will take care of all your problems. Leave everything on Him. Planets have an impact on you until you are away from the force that has created those planets. When you are under the protection of Supreme force that has created planets, then all your worries will be removed by Him. 

How to keep Ekadashi Vrat and What to eat on this day

The food that can be consumed on the Ekadashi day includes fresh and dried fruits, milk products, vegetables and nuts. Avoid pulses, rice and grains on Ekadashi. Drink lots of water and eat fresh and dried fruits. Many devotees due to several reasons like health and job commitments observe partial fast on the day. Such people should avoid non-vegetarian and food items made from beans, pulses and grains, especially rice. The most preferred Ekadashi fasting food in western parts of India is Sabudana Khichadi with potatoes and ground nut but no onion and garlic. If due to any health reason or any other problem, you are not able to keep Ekadashi full or partial fast, I would suggest you to worship Lord Vishnu with full devotion and pray Him for giving you strength to keep this fast. The whole purpose of fast or known as “Upvaas” is meant to bring you near to God. So do not worry more about rules, regulations, rituals, expected benefits from fast. Rather spend Ekadashi day in worshipping Lord Vishnu. Chant the following mantra as much as possible.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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Today Lal Kitab needs no formal introduction as it has become immensely popular among astrologers and masses equally. Pandit Roop Chand Joshi of Pharwala in Punjab was the originator of this system of astrology. He wrote Lal Kitab in a series of five books. 

Over the past few years due to growing popularity of Lal kitab, there is an increasing interest among the people to learn this unique system of astrology. Today many people are studying lal kitab basic as well as advanced course at our centre under the guidance of Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra Ji. 

Every day we receive many queries and mails from interested students who want to learn Lal Kitab. Through this post we are giving a brief introduction of basic as well as advanced course that can be learnt through online or offline mode. The uniqueness of our Lal Kitab courses is that these classes are scheduled on one to one basis, i.e. individual classes. This helps the student in getting the right type of guidance and learning by student. All the classes are taken by Acharya Ji itself. It is our effort to help serious and hard working students to learn Lal Kitab. 

Lal Kitab courses are suitable for those people who have an avid interest in astrology or are looking for acquiring knowledge of astrology so that they can pursue it at professional level.

Our Lal Kitab courses are divided into two broad categories:
Basic course (Lal Kitab Alankaar) – 16 lectures (class duration 1 hour)
Advanced course (Lal Kitab Parangat) – 24 lectures (class duration 1 hour)

The contents of above courses can be seen in detail along with fee structure at our website. You can click at following link:

For both courses complete study material is provided by our centre. In addition Guru Ji’s book on Lal Kitab which has become immensely popular in the market titled, “Lal Kitab Astrology Simplified” is given complementary to all the students (online as well as offline). For knowing more about this book you can visit following link:


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Today in this post I am sharing a very effective tried and tested Lal Kitab Remedy for frequent health problems. All of you may have noticed that you or your family members are continuously surrounded by many health problems. Once a problem is solved, another comes and this continues in a vicious circle. Through specific consultation on your horoscope, an effort can be made to analyze the root cause of problem and remedies can be suggested accordingly. The remedy that I am sharing with you in this post can be done by anyone who is facing continuous health and family problems. Do this remedy as suggested and with full faith and dedication.

This remedy has to be done at least once in a month. For this remedy count total number of members in your house and also include guests that have visited in your house in the last month. Take one roti (chapatti) for each member and each guest. Add four rotis to the total obtained in such a manner. For example, you have four members in your house and ten visitors came in your house in the past one month. Now you have to take (4+10+4 (extra) = 18) eighteen chapattis that will be prepared in a tandoor. Please note that these chapattis should be sweet and for this purpose you can use Gur (jiggery) or Honey in their preparation. After preparation of the chapattis, you can feed them to dogs and crows. It will help in reducing the negative impact of Mars in your horoscope and your health will definitely improve. For specific remedies, you can book a consultation at our website.
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Hari Om Tat Sat
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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Tantra prayog (Upay) for Sound sleep using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the fruit of olive tree, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean region, where whole olives are pressed to produce olive oil.
The oil is used in cosmetics, medicine, cooking and soaps. Although originating in the Mediterranean countries, today it is used worldwide.The benefits of olive oil are many. Weight loss, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis — name it, and olive oil has a cure for it.
In this post I am sharing a Tantrik Prayog (upay) for sound sleep using Olive Oil. The problem of disturbed sleep is generally due to affliction of 12th house in the horoscope although there may be other contributing causes also. In the past few years, I have experimented with many tantra techniques and as a result of such experiences, I am sharing a unique and easy remedy for all of you for sound sleep using Olive Oil which is easily available in market.

Ingredients required:
100 gram Olive Oil
2 badi elaichi (big cardamom)
First of all grind two big cardamom into fine powder and mix it in 100 gram olive oil. Pray to Lord Shiva who is "Mahakaal" for His Blessings and recite Om Namah Shivay eleven times. Now using this mixture lit a lamp (deepak) in your bedroom or at a place where you sleep. Use oil in such quantity that lamp should burn for at least ten minutes. Do this remedy for 15 days and then give a break of 5 days and then repeat. It will definitely help you in getting sound sleep and avoid bad dreams. The advantage of this remedy is that anyone can do this remedy. It will not have any bad or negative impact. On the contrary it will help you in getting a good sleep. For specific problem you can consult at our website.

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Om Namah Shivay
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SHRI KRISHNA SHARNAM MAMAH (श्री कृष्ण शरणम ममः)

I would like to share a beautiful story of Lord Krishna with all of you. One day Maa Yashoda was flowing some lamps in Yamuna river. It is known as “Deep Daan”. In this process you take a leaf and put a lamp on to it and flow it in river. Suddenly she noticed that lamps were not flowing. Krishna was standing nearby and through a stick He was picking lamps and keeping aside Him. Maa Yashoda asked Krishna, “What are you doing?”. Lord Krishna innocently said, “Maa these lamps were drowning and I am saving them”. Maa smiled and asked Krishna. How many lamps you would be able to save like this? Lord Krishna replied, “I will save all lamps that will come flowing to me.” The moral of the story is that you surrender yourself to the feet of Lord Krishna. This is the true meaning of “Shri Krishna Sharnam Mamah”. Through His grace you will come out of this vicious cycle of birth and death. This is what Lord Krishna has said in Bhagvad Geeta:
सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज । अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः ॥
Meaning: “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear”.
Hari Om Tat Sat
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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The normal ups and downs of life mean that from time to time, we all will have felt sad or have had the so called “blues”. But if emptiness and despair seem to have taken hold of your life and is not going away, you may be suffering from depression. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life as you once did. In fact, just getting through the day can be overwhelming. But no matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better.
Lal Kitab has many remedies for dealing with depression. Depression can be caused due to many reasons like employment issues, promotion problems, failure or downfall of business, failure in the love life, failure in examination, relationship trouble, bad marriages, mounting debt and financial constraints. This requires thorough analysis of your horoscope to find out planets which are obstructing your path. People whose Moon is not strong are more likely to suffer from depression. Moon is the karak of our "mind" hence malefic impact on moon or unfavorable placement in horoscope may result in depression, double mindedness, inability to take decisions, anxiety, stress and other related problems.
In this post, I am sharing some general remedies for strengthening your Planet Moon. These remedies can be done by all the persons as these remedies would not have any side effects and if you do the remedies with full trust and in the manner prescribed, they will help you a lot in coming out of depression. For specific remedies, you are advised to book a phone or personal consultation at our Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) by visiting our website.
1.      First of all if you are feeling over anxious or stressed out, you should ensure that you start drinking milk or water in a silver glass. Avoid use of plastic and glassware.
2.      Secondly you should take some basmati rice from the hands of your mother and put it in a white cloth and keep it in your locker. Alternatively you can take a pure silver square piece from your mother & keep it in your locker. Ensure that you take old basmati rice from your mother if possible. 
3.      Thirdly you should ensure that you take blessings of your mother by touching her feet. If in any case mother is not alive or not living with you, you can take blessings from old women or the women of the age of your mother.
4.      Fourthly avoid drinking plain milk in night. If you cannot avoid it, then change its color. For example, you can mix some turmeric in the milk or mix some Kesar into it. As far as possible avoid drinking milk in night.
5.      Fifthly, you can wear a silver chain in your neck. It will give you mental piece.
6.      Sixthly, you must keep a silver energized square piece in your wallet. You can contact our centre for getting energized silver square piece.
7.      Finally, you can mix some raw milk or turmeric in water used for bath. 
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Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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Friday, 20 October 2017


Goverdhan Pooja/Annakuta Puja is celebrated to commemorate the pastime of the Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhana Hill on His little finger, in order to protect the residents of Vrindavan from torrential rains sent by Indra. The Supreme Personality of Godhead performed this pastime as a seven year old boy in order to crush the pride of Indra, the Lord of the heavens. Lord Krishna forbade the residents of Vrindavana from worshipping Indra. He induced them to worship Govardhana Hill instead. The Govardhana Hill is not an ordinary hill. It is actually very dear to the Lord. On this day Govardhana Hill is worshipped in a small replica form, made of cooked rice and other edibles in temples all over Vrindavan. This replica of the Govardhana Hill is generally known as ‘Annakuta’. Huge quantities of food are prepared in this ceremony and are very extensively distributed. A mountain of food is decorated symbolizing Govardhan Mountain said to be lifted by Lord Krishna to save the people from the wrath of Lord Indra, the God of rain. This pooja is performed with great zeal and enthusiasm and in the states of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Bihar. In Haryana, there is a tradition of building cow dung hillocks, which symbolize the Mount Govardhan, the mountain which was once lifted by Lord Krishna. After making such hillocks people decorate them with flowers and then worship them. They move in a circle all round the cow dung hillocks and offer prayers to Lord Govardhan.

In Maharashtra this day is celebrated as Padva or Bali Pratipada. The day commemorates King Bali. Men present gifts to their wives on this day. It is also celebrated as New Year, as Vikram Samvat also starts on this day. Govardhan puja worship has carried on from 5000 years ago to the 21st Century.

I am giving you few important things you should do on this day. It will bring the blessings of RADHA KRISHNA in your life.
1. On this day, you must offer food/bread/grass to Cow because Lord Krishna, the ‘Makhan Chor’ is always remembered as Sakha (friend) and protector of cows. He is known as “Gopal” for this reason also. It will improve your Venus also which would help in getting things of luxury in your life. It will bestow marital happiness in your life. Those people whose family life is very miserable should donate a cow on this day to ward off evils caused by Planet Venus.
2. The day of Govardhan Puja is also celebrated as “Gudi Padwa”. There is a custom in which on this holy day the wife applies the 'Tilak' on the forehead of her husband, garlands him, performs his 'Aarti' and also prays for his long life. Then the husband gives her a gift in appreciation of all the tender love and care that his wife showers on him. I suggest husband must gift something (according to the budget) to the wife on this day.
3. If you have Narmadeshwar Shivlinga at your house then abhishek it with raw milk or alternatively you can go to nearby Lord Shiva Temple and offer abhishek of raw milk in the temple. I would suggest all of you to have Narmadeshwar Shivlinga at your house. It will help you in worshipping Lord Shiva in a more effective manner. You can get Abhimantrit Narmadeshwar Shivlinga from LAL KITAB ASTRO CENTRE BY CONTACTING US on the following link:
4. Most important is worship Lord Krishna on this day. Listen to Bhajans of Lord Krishna. Recite Mahamantra –
“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare”


""Hari Om Tat Sat"
"Jai Shree Krishna"
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
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Date of Diwali in 2017 - 19th October 2017

The word "Diwali" is a contraction of "Deepavali", originating from the Sanskrit word Dipavali (दीपावली) which can be translated to "Row of Lights". Hence the Diwali Festival is also called the "Festival of Lights". Diwali is the name for the festival in North-India. In South-India the festival is called "Deepavali".
Legends behind celebration of Diwali
Diwali celebrates to victory of the Good over the Evil and Light over Darkness. Is has a major religious significance for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains alike - not only in India, but also for Indians living abroad. The day of Diwali falls on Kartik Amavasya and many businesses in India start a new accounting year on this day. Diwali is actually celebrated in honor of Lord Rama and His wife Sita returning to their kingdom of Ayodhya, after defeating demon King Ravana.
Diwali marks the end of the harvest season in most of India. Farmers give thanks for the bounty of the year gone by, and pray for a good harvest for the year to come. Traditionally this marked the closing of accounts for businesses dependent on the agrarian cycle, and is the last major celebration before winter. Maa Lakshmi symbolizes wealth and prosperity, and her blessings are invoked for a good year ahead.
There are two legends that associate the worship of Maa Lakshmi on this day. According to the first legend, on this day, Lakshmi emerged from Kshira Sagar, the Ocean of Milk, during the great churning of the oceans, Samudra manthan. The second legend (more popular in western India) relates to the Vamana avatar of the Lord Vishnu, the incarnation he assumed to kill the demon king Bali. On this day, Vishnu came back to his abode the Vaikuntha; so those who worship Lakshmi receive the benefit of her benevolent mood, and are blessed with mental, physical and material well-being. Lord Ganesha is also worshipped along with Maa Lakshmi because he is treated as remover of all obstacles and worshipped before all the Gods.
Diwali Puja Muhurat
Lakshmi Puja should be done during Pradosh Kaal which starts after sunset. The most auspicious time for Diwali Poojan in 2017 is given below:
Maa Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 07:11 pm to 08:16 pm
It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits homes during Diwali time so everyone likes to clean and decorate their homes in the best way possible. From whitewashing to buying new furnishings, people love to work on their homes during Diwali.
You can use your creativity and decorate your home with flowers and rangoli patterns this Diwali and you will feel the presence of nature in your home. The sweet fragrance of flowers enhances the aesthetic appeal on the rangoli patterns and the combination looks magnificent on the front door of a home. Besides flowers and rangoli patterns, place electric lights in appropriate places in your home as well. Be careful with the placement of candles and diyas and ensure that they are kept away from curtains and other flammable things.
On Diwali evening, it is customary to start the celebrations with a Lakshmi Puja. Decorate the puja thali and clean the temple beforehand. Start with Ganesh Puja and move on to Lakshmi Puja. Distribute the puja prasad to all family members after the puja is complete.
Important points to be kept in mind for Diwali Puja & Lal Kitab Tips/Remedies for Diwali
1. On the night of Diwali, listen or read Vishnu Sahasra Naam and Shree Sukta. They are available at You Tube.
2. Purchase a new broom on Diwali and use it to clean the place where pooja has to be done. You can use it regularly from next day onwards. It will help in improving prosperity.
3. Try to offer homemade Rice Kheer to Maa Lakshmi instead of offering sweets available in market.
4. Have 11 Abhimantri “Gomti Chakra” and keep them in a red cloth bag. Treat these Gomati Chakra as Maa Lakshmi and worship them in your pooja. After doing pooja, you can keep these Gomati Chakras in your locker or almirah or the place where you keep your money. This will help you in gaining wealth and prosperity. People whose business is not growing must do this to gain benefit.
5. If possible while doing Diwali Pooja wear Sphatik Bead mala. It will increase the effect of Diwali Pooja many times. Alternatively wear Lakshmi Narain Pendant which is a combination of Seven Mukhi and Ten Mukhi Rudraksha denoting Maa Lakshmi and Vishnu Ji respectively.
6. On all days starting from Dhan Teras till Bhaiya Dhuj, try to light a diya near the Tulsi plant. Pushkar Puran states, “The person who lights the lamp of sesame (til) oil in the name of Lord Shri Hari in the month of Kartik (during Sandhya) gets unlimited prosperity, beauty, blessedness and wealth”. So try to lit lamp of sesame (til) oil in evening during the whole month of Kartik.
Hari Om Tat Sat
Acharya Vikas Malhotra
Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC)